Getting started with Skype

Getting started with Skype

Welcome is this post. We will try to show you how to download skype, create an account and login to be able to communicate with family, colleagues and friends in the best way.

About Skype

Whit Skype you can:

- Calling someone who’s on Skype
- Calling mobiles and landlines
- Sending text messages
- Making a group video call
- Making a video call
- Adding contacts
- Making a group call
- Setting up Voice Messaging
- Sending instant messages

Skype Download

To download Skype click Here

Skype Sign Up

After downloading and installing Skype, you have the option to create a Skype account. Simply click on “Create an account” and complete with your personal data.

Skype Login

After downloading and installing Skype and create an account, you must log in with your username and password. You can also access your Microsoft MSN, putting your username and password Messenger. This way you can have all your MSN contacts  in Skype.
It is easy, start now!

Download Skype

Download Skype

After the purchase of Skype by Microsoft, the world’s Chat and video calls is changing completely. Microsoft began migrating all accounts of Hotmail to the new, and all contact MSN (Microsoft Messenger) to Skype. So from now on, you can use your MSN from Skype, entering your Username and Password of MSN.

Simply download Skype, put MSN username and password and all your contacts will appear automatically. No need to have a Skype account, but Microsoft recommends you make an account at the time of Download Free Skype.

Download Free Skype

To download Skype and create an account to enter and click Get Skype, as shown in the image. Then click on Download Skype and follow the instructions.